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A Two-Year Investigation of the Italian Food Production System

An Italian best-seller, now published in English in a new, fully revised edition, with a preface by Carlo Petrini, Founder of the International Slow Food Movement. On sale Now, exclusively through the Kindle Store.

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6 Good Reasons to Read this book

5% of sales revenue will be donated to Slow Food

Slow Food is a global organization who believe in a world in which all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, for those who grow it and for the planet.


Made in Italy does not always mean natural and genuine

Producers of food additives in the Far East consider Italy to be one of the most important commercial targets for the next decade.


Dioxin-flavored buffalo mozzarella

The land where the large part of Italy’s buffalo mozzarella is produced contains a high quantity of dioxins, a substance that is very dangerous to humans.


Made in Italy means transformed in Italy

By Italian law the Made in Italy brand may be applied to food imported from abroad and merely transformed or converted in Italy. So it’s entirely possible the sauce you bought last week was made with tomatoes from China.


Nearly all of the gelato in Italy is produced in chemical laboratories

“Artisanal gelato” is quite misleading since, by law, in Italy one can still call ice cream “artisanal” even if it is made by simply adding milk to chemical compounds produced in the labs of multinationals.


Italy holds the EU record for food scams

According to European Union’s rapid alert system, a depressingly large part of Europe’s food alarms are triggered by modified food coming from Italy.

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What they are saying about this book
  • "Collecting and gathering a scattered assortment of information and evidence by combining everyday experiences with serious investigative journalism and a good dose of historical perspective, The Myth of Good Italian Food hits the nail on the head. It is one of the few books in recent years that truly succeeds in what is sets out to do. "

    Carlo Petrini, President of Slowfood

  • "It's like having a pitbull hidden in the fridge"

    Il Sole 24 Ore, The Leading Italian Economic Newspaper

  • "Since we read his book, my daughter and I we eat differently. Better "

    Grazia, Trento, Lombardy

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